Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Peace. A word we hear all the time but never really let it soak into our lives. I never appreciated it until the past few months. Peace is a companion I would alway like to keep in my life. No matter how rocky your road of life is, if you have peace with you then it'll be ok.

I have had a few trips and falls in my life, a few pits I've fallen in and stubbed toes. Right now looking back each one of those have been worth the pain, the bleeding and the tears. For they have all shaped me into who I am today. They all have also brought me closer to my Savior. The true companion that brings peace into my life. Walking with my Savior through out my life side by side is my goal, my life goal. He's my guide who see's my future and my past, that knows what's best for me. He knows what trips and falls will strengthen me and lead me to true knowledge and understanding.

In January I was laid off and was followed closely with a month of sickness. Following this to survive financially, I have been babysitting and being a mother's helper (my go-to when jobless) while waiting for a job. Most people would be very frustrated and down about this situation and in all honesty, I usually would be too. But there were two things in my life that made my attitude change: Peace and the Savior. I knew this is where he wanted me and I knew he has been guiding me.

I have been a happier person in a not-so-happy situation and I can only give credit to my Savior. I have learned a lot about myself and about life in these few months. What's important and what's not and what brings true happiness.

I am going through the temple on Saturday (3 days) to get my endowments taken out. A step in my life that has taken years but with the Lord slowly guiding me to. For so many years of my life I was scared to go through, for fear that I would never be perfect enough. Last fall I had a dear friend of mine get his endowments taken out. After a life of a lot of ups and downs he was able to go through. He told me something that I will never forget, "The temple isn't for perfect people. It's a place where imperfect people go to work towards perfection." This calmed my fears as the spirit testified to me that it was true.

I feel as though I'm taking a step away from the world and a step closer to my Savior and my Father in Heaven.

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Aaron S said...

That's so exciting you're going through the temple on Saturday! I'm bursting with happiness for you (metaphorically, as literally would be extremely messy)!